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We take collective responsibility to ensure that all students will learn at high levels in a positive and safe learning environment.



Our school is located 75 km east of Edmonton on Highway 14, in the village of Ryley.

Approximately 150 students attend our school in grades K-9. 

We are proud of our strong school-community relations and appreciate the support we receive each & every year. It is this partnership, which allows us to be a truly professional learning community.

Students are able to participate in a vast array of extra & co-curricular activities. Our caring & competent staff believes that every student can be successful with the proper encouragement and adequate support systems.

Ryley is an Asset Building School and also uses Effective Behavior Supports in order to create an atmosphere where students not only feel safe but also is conducive to academic achievement.


Maria Schaade


It is our mission to recognize the unique value of each person to lead and to learn to provide a safe environment in which to grow and to promote a partnership between the school, home and community.

History of Ryley School

In January 1938, the rural and most of the town school districts of the Municipality combined under one secretary and one school board to form the Holden School Division. The Ryley School Board, under the chairmanship of Dr. J.L. McPherson, elected to remain independent.

In 1944, the Ryley School Board decided to construct a new stucco building, west of the old fourroom school. There were two large rooms on the main floor, with room for one classroom in the basement. This building was the Home Economics Department (CTS) until the spring of 2014.

The Ryley School Board elected to join the Holden School Division in 1950. Since the rural schools around Ryley were gradually being phased out and the children were to be bussed into Ryley, it was necessary to build. In February 1955, a new six-room school was built – this being the south wing of our present school. Also, to accommodate the influx of students from rural schools, several rural schools were moved in.

In 1957, a gymnasium and six-room east wing was added at the north end of the existing school.

In January 1958, the County of Beaver #9 was formed and they decided, in 1961, to demolish the old four-room school and build the present CTS Building. Due to the increase in school population, it was necessary, in 1962, to build four more rooms on the east wing of the school.

In 1971, the present library and office area, consisting of offices for the principal, vice-principal, school counsellor, a reading resource room and a general office were added to the existing building.

In 1984, faced with the problem of maintaining quality programming during a period when enrolments were declining, the Board of Education initiated major program reorganization at Ryley and Holden, resulting in Ryley School offering programs at the K-6 and 10-12 grade levels.

During the 1994-95 school year, extensive renovations were undertaken with a complete facelift given to both the outside and inside of Ryley School. In January of 1995 the four high school relocatables were completed and by August 1995 the remaining renovations were completed.

1999 marked the beginning of the Ryley Jr /Sr High School serving students in grades 7-12 in the Ryley and Holden communities.

In 2014 we changed to mobile computing labs (laptops) and as such our existing computer lab was transformed into a state of the art Home-Economics facility. The exterior of Ryley School received a facelift in 2014 as well.